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{January 30, 2008}   Who’s ready to rock???

classic-roller-skates_3bdad52d.jpg   Sister Christian. Why do I still love that song? It’s been in my head a lot and thanks to the lovely, Word Wide Web, I can listen to it anytime I please. It makes me wish I still had my old Jordache Jeans. I doubt I could get a single leg in them since I was only in sixth grade when I owned them. I used all my Christmas and Chanukah money to buy, 3 PAIRS!. Yes, people, 3!!!!!


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{October 6, 2007}   Getting ready to teach

I have this whole mental thing I do where I try to visualize my class and hopefully when I get up in front of everyone, I make it happen. Sizzle, sparkle, pizazz. I’m not sure I bring the pizazz every week but I’m pretty sure I always sparkle. I try. With the kids being sick this week I’m overtired and not sleeping very much. I’m not sure I can bring any of the above things. I may just be bringing, snap, crackle, and, pop.

Of course the day I need extra help I am out of my, Rockstar. Diet, of course. Wait, if I get off my behind this very second, I could get some. People, you just witnessed a light bulb moment. That’s what Oprah calls them. I do not question the greatness that is, Oprah. I feel a little bit of sizzle happening. I just need my theme song for the week. Gimmie more! Let’s go, Britney, it’s time to shine.

{September 29, 2007}   yoga, pilates, aerobics, and, dance!

straddlesplits2.jpgI’m not sure why I used an exclamation but I did. It’s not just yoga, snore, it’s YOGA!

So, I will be undergoing some surgery soon and I fear it will change my practice and I may never get back to where I am now. It’s been something I’ve done for the last 7 years and I get so much joy from practicing.

I know it is not about feeding my ego but there is something so free’ing about balancing on your head or doing an amazing arm balance. It’s like being free of physics and getting as close to flight as is humanly possible. It’s about forgetting to be a mature adult (if I was one) and just enjoying to pleasure of moving the body.

Like when you were a little kid and would just do a headstand for no other reason than you just felt like it. I also know I will not be able to do any kind of abdominals for 2 months. And it will be like starting over. Things will be different in the area of my nether regions. Will I be able to make it work again?

I will say that it’s making me stop and appreciate how lucky I am to do whatever it is I do. I took my favorite dance class last night and it occured to me that after next week I will not be able to take class for two months or so. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll be fine and back to normal in no time. I hope these are true statements and I will be back to my old self soon.

Ok, not old how about new renovated, self. I’m currently making lists of things I need for recovery and what I can do on my time off. On a purely selfish note I had a thought. I was lucky enough to get my classes covered.

Believe me that this is not an easy thing to do. Two months of classes completely covered. But then I had the thought that maybe my students would like the subs better and wouldn’t be too excited for me to come back. The HORROR!

I hope in the future I can figure out how to load video clips so I can put up some things I’m working on for classes. We’ll see. I am not what you call, savvy, in the techno area.

So that’s that. This blogging thing is kind of addicting. Hooolllaa

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