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Let’s see, what is there about me worth sharing? 4 comes from the fact that I have 4 kids. They are all in school. The little guy goes part time. I spend part of my day teaching everything from pilates and yoga to aerobics.

I enjoy keeping abreast of the up to the date news. The things that really matter. I get all my news from Tmz, Socialites Life, Mollygod, and, Dlisted. I always make Dlistes my first morning stop. I love that crazy ho.

I’m originally from the east coast somewhere near the Nations Capital. It’s been so long I barely remember what it was like to live there. I did spend the majority of my life there but the last time I went for a visit it was almost like another country. In my case, you can never go home.

Now I’m a Texass girl, that is no typo my friends. And before that, Utah. I prefer Texas, if I had to choose. No offense to Utah. I kept trying to deny it but Texas has grown on me and I now am quite fond of it, y’all. I’m not country like Britney but I love me some Texas barbecue.

That’s mostly me in a few short paragraphs. I’m not sure there’s too much more to tell. Very exciting, holla.


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