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{January 19, 2013}   Tv Time Friends Edition

Friends will always be one of my favorite shows even though I myself never farted around with a bunch of friends in a coffee shop.

In no particular order my favorite friends moments

Ok, I lied and this is my most favorite scene


Ross should have known better than to ask Joey for help. But then we wouldn’t have enjoyed Ross creating his sweaty baby powder paste concoction.


Foreshadowing here. Who knew that tanning would become the worldwide phenomenon it is turning millions of humans into orange ┬áhumanoids. I think maybe the writers on this show were psychic’s.


Ross should have learned from his leather pants situation that he is not meant to be a trendy guy and it was going to end bad.

Only people with no souls can’t find humor in turkey heads.


This is actually a two parter. The trend was started by Joey but perfected by the anal Monica, anal is my least favorite word. Also, Joey gets his head stuck in a lot of things.



I still wish I had the guts to do this because I really, really, really, hate running.


Why did Angelina ruin all the fun? This was probably both Brad and Jennifer’s greatest performances (except for Legends of the Fall)


Ross was pretty underated and he had some of the funniest moments for instance


I’m still waiting to attain true Unagi.




I still really miss that show along with Seinfeld. Yeah, I’m easily entertained.



et cetera