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I’m sorry but I am a housewife and know many other, “Housewife’s”. ┬áNone of the housewives I know are making delusional videos and dating weird french dudes. If one more stupid pretend housewife make a video, I will explode. Here is what real housewives do. Breakfast, errands, lunch, shuttling kids, dinner, laundry, listening to whining, and doing it all over the next morning.

I wish I could spend all day drinking pinot and making fake music videos. But, noooooo, I can’t because I did than who would make meals and clean dirty ass underwear? Nobody, that’s who. Suck fake housewives. I dare any of those self important bitches to spend a day in mine or any other mothers shoes. They would lose their minds and run the hell away. I would spell check this nonsense but I have four kids who want to eat dinner and other than Chef Boyardee, I’m the only one cooking dinner in this casa. I can’t be tardy for this party.



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