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{May 12, 2010}   OH COME ON NOW, MILEY

Where are the parentals?


Giving your gay director a dirty lap dance is just not right. There’s plenty of time to give lap dances to men. And there is really no need to simulate lap dances on a chair. You have your whole life ahead of you to be a hussy. You kind of look constipated so maybe I’m reading too much into it and you just need some special yogurt. If that’s the case then please accept my apologies and let me reccommend some metamucil.

Regardless, this picture is forever and you’ll have to explain it till you die. That’s the thing with this crazy interwebs. You can never take any of it back . I for one am grateful we didn’t have all this cool technology back in my day or I would be living in a cave. But I was at least of legal age.

Let’s all quit this shit. I’m tired of sex tapes and sexy time pictures. Pleeeeeease! It was ok a few years ago but now everyone has a video or nekkid pictures. It’s boring and since you are young it’s creeping me out.


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