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{May 7, 2010}   The Music Careers That Never Were

You know what’s better at looking at old pictures of yourself?

Watching old videos semi famous people want to forget they made.

First up is the guy who made a whole nation think, “Whoa”. Remember when Joey Lawrence tried to parlay his sitcom fame into a music career? I don’t blame you if you don’t but it really did happen. Joey got a Gerardo makeover and then got all tough on the playground. Nothing scares other men quicker than a rapping sitcom actor playing on some monkey bars. Step off, indeed.


I love, Crispin Glover and all his peculiarness but even I can’t understand this mess. And why clowns? Is this why he dissapeared for awhile. To write songs about clowns and such?

I was always a huge Miami Vice fan and I confess that I did buy this 45 but I also bought some Leif Garrett albums so shut up. I really wanted him to find my heartbeat, at the time. And what’s with the video, I don’t know what they were going for. A fashion show during a war with some crazy bike riding gangs? It was the 80’s and a crazy time so who knows. Enjoy.

Uncle Jesse Joh Stamos filled a room with candles and brought us this touching tribute to his tv family. All he needed was a Beach Boy and a room filled with candles. Let us not forget the bed wrapped in gauze and sexy hair. How could you not love all the head banging and hair flipping around. Let me dry my eyes.


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