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{May 6, 2010}   Who’s Tweeting?

I’ve never tweeted and I’m not sure how it works but it seems like it leads to many fights. Especially amoung semi-celebrities. For instance:

Lindsay Lohand and her ex. She recently had a tweet fight and hurled a drink at her ex-lady friends head. Which she apparently got banned for. Aren’t you suppose to hold the glass and just dispurse liquid? Why kill the pour glass? What did the glass do to deserve this treatment?

It also leads to pics we do not need to see. Thanks, Courtney, my eyes are crying from this horror.

^%$&$%*^%*, why? Supposedly it was to show us her to tat’s but really it’s just made me lose my appetite. I guess that is one way to drop some pounds before bathingsuit season.

To me it seems as though all this tweeting opens us up to too much info. Some of it gross and much of it boring. I don’t care if you are getting a latte unless you are getting me one as well.

Do you know  how many random thoughts I have in a day? Don’t you have pets you can share them with. My poor dogs probably wish I tweeted so I would leave them alone.  Stop tweeting every damn thought.


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