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{May 6, 2010}   The Role She Was Born To Play

Lindsay Lohan’s Hard Work Finally Pays Off.

Finally, a role she can sink her teeth into. Ummmmm…..but probably shouldn’t. Literally and figuratively. Who knows what is going on in this girls head. But whatever it is has nothing to do with rehabilitating her career or getting healthy. She seems intent on going out in a blaze of glory. And not the kind I remember from Young Guns 2. Although I will confess to totally freaking out with my bff just to see Jon Bon Jovi in his cameo roll for a total of 8 or so seconds. Good times.

 I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be a hell of a roll to play.  If you know anything about the biography of, Linda Lovelace, it’s pretty traumatic. But she tool control of her life and spoke publicly about the dark side of porn. Like there’s a pretty shiny rainbow side of porn. And then she died in a car accident.

It just seems like a pretty pretty risky bet to wager on an actress who seems completely detached from reality.

I’m sure the powder on those shoes are totally legal. But even if that was talcum powder or some kind of pressed powder, would you not notice it? I’m sure Coco Chanel would tell her to check in the mirror and take off one accessory and wear unpowdered shoes.

She was recently fired from one movie and I’ll guess we’ll just have to see how long she makes it through this one. So long as she doesn’t end up in jail or worse. C’mon, you know it’s only a matter of time before we see a tragic headline or she ends up on  VH-1 reality show. Kind of the same thing.


KeeblerKahn says:

Linda Lovelace deserves a better actress to play her.

christinas4 says:

Yes she does. Someone less cokey.

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