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{January 6, 2010}   Favorite Musicals

least they’re mine

West Side Story.

It’s a simple story about a girl named, Maria and a boy named, Tony. Caught in between two worlds and snappy jazz dancing, the star crossed lovers just want to be together, somewhere there’s a place for them. But it’s not to be. It makes you want to go crazy, cool, snap happy.

Of course the accents are pretty bad. I grew up with a billion Puerto Rican’s and not one of them sounded like that. Roman Maroney sounded more Puerto Rican than this group.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

I loved this movie as a young girl. But now that shit wouldn’t fly. There would be 7 brothers on trial for unlawful imprisonment if they tried to pull those shennanigans now. Dunk Dunk.

Moulin Rogue

Visually stunning and fast paced. I love everything about this crazy movie and I’m a sucker for a good death scene.

My Fair Lady

Audrey Hepburn was perfection in this movie. And I still wonder if the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Get back to me on that. It was kind of like Pretty Woman minus that whole hooker thing.


It’s the word, have you heard? Yeah, it’s electrifying, so shape up. My cousin and I sat in the theater and sang along with the soundtrack. I’m surprised nobody killed us. And if I could rock the spandex pants like, Olivia, I would.

Funny Girl

What can you say about this movie? It’s about people, people who need people. And one of those people falls in love with a handsome gambler and has to carry his ass. Love it.


Nothing screams, musical, quite like Nazi’s. Kiiiiding. It’s 1931 in, Berlin and life is a cabaret old chum. A cabaret full of music, jazz hands, and Vidal Sasoon hair.

It is by no means a full list, but these are my tops. Let me know yours.


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