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Ok, not sure what the deal with the flipped picture is but it’s upright in my folder. My computer can barely stand the excitement of being all synced up to a new iphone. But this is us. Do we not make a happy little couple. I know most people think it’s pretty lame to wait a few hours for a phone. I get that.

But, do people not also wait and even camp out for Grateful Dead tickets? Don’t you also have to wait to get on a damn rollercoaster? Sure you do unless your JJ Walker. Dynomite. That joke would have killed in the 70’s. Let that just just marinate for awhile and then it will be as my friend STM always says, “Hilarious Prime”. 

My point is, people wait crazy amounts of times for shit they want. Like Furby’s or Tickle Me Elmo. And sure it is stupid. Yeah, duh. I could easily wait a few weeks and get one without the wait. Or I could just order it at the store and wait a few business days. I’m not a complete idiot. Just 75% idiot. The other 25% is a combo of beer and coke zero. But it was pretty fun to wait in line. We have a pretty fun crowd with us. And by us I mean me and my bff. I know I’m too old to use that phrase, but I did. 

Originally the plan was for the 8 gig. But almost around 4 hours and finally at the head of the line. Well, 4 people ahead of us. The ATT helper person or whatever came out and said the words I dreaded. We’re out of the 8 gb phone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Son of a bitch. 

My friend was ready to pack it in. But I looked at her and couldn’t believe my ears. Do you think those dudes at the battle of waterloo got across the Potomac and told George Washington, we’re late, lets just go home? I know that’s not the right battle bitches so don’t judge me. I’m just telling a story. Oh, Napoleon. I know my history. I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

My point is this. I was NOT going home without a damn phone. So I ended up with the white 16gb. And it is a little piece of heaven. I do regret report that in all of this joy and debauchery there was a casualty. I hate that someone was hurt in all this. Aside from my checkbook. As happy I was to get the fun new Iphone. I had to say goodbye to my old friend. My blackjack 2 was a faithful companion and had many fabulous functions. But the usb connection was accidentally broken when a 3 year old yanked the cord out.

It just made it impossible to charge and I couldn’t download anything on my phone. I had a back up battery and charger but what good is it when you can take pictures but can’t put them on your computer? It was sadnessprime (feel free to use that STM). As they activated my Iphone, my blackjack was deactivated. I never even got to say goodbye. But fear not. Blackjack will live again. He was sold on ebay for a pretty penny and is not living a lovely life in Brazil. I used the money for my Iphone fund. 

And that is the very true story of how Iphone and I came to be as one. I know in a couple of months there will be a newer and grander Iphone or Blackberry. But this one is mine and I love her. I just need a name for her. That’s because I like to name stuff. Probably one of the reasons I have 4 kids. I came up with a name and figured I should have another baby so I can use it. 


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