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{January 30, 2008}   Who’s ready to rock???

classic-roller-skates_3bdad52d.jpg   Sister Christian. Why do I still love that song? It’s been in my head a lot and thanks to the lovely, Word Wide Web, I can listen to it anytime I please. It makes me wish I still had my old Jordache Jeans. I doubt I could get a single leg in them since I was only in sixth grade when I owned them. I used all my Christmas and Chanukah money to buy, 3 PAIRS!. Yes, people, 3!!!!!


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{January 19, 2008}   Lazy ass

funny-picture-in-a-sec-cat.jpg   OMG, it’s a new year. Where have I been? Around! I finally got back into the swing of work and have even started picking up private clients on the pilates reformer. It’s going well but it’s cut into my me time. Wahhh, what about MEEEEEEEEE? I do love to be busy so it’s not a bad thing.I said at some point I was going to put up some video clips of my yoga. I still plan on that. I like to make mini clips while I think of ideas of different flows and they kind of organically change and go in different directions. I guess it’s the ole dancer in me. I try to choreograph things. Like when I pick up socks. It’s always much better if you add an attitude derriere with a nice pirouettes. That’s how you pick up a pair of socks with, FLAIR! At any rate, that’s my plan next week. Get on that yoga stuff. I’ve been a lazy ass in coming up with new stuff for my classes as well. I guess since it’s a new year I should try and do some fun new stuff so I’m always growing and moving forward, blah, blah, rolling stone, blah, keep on trucking. Plus, I am going to start a reading list and maybe some people can share some good books for me to read. Or maybe you can steal some of my ideas. Just finished,The way of the peaceful warrior, try it out. Lovely Bones (I know I’m really late on this one)Anatomy of movement Crap, that’s kind of it. That’s a sad little list.  I need to get on that.  Nothing from the Oprah book club. Anywhoooooo, yay for the new year and all the good stuff that will come our way. PS, I totally tried to do this in paragraphs and it keeps taking them out. I really know how to make them but my blog is screwing with me. It’s angry at me for some reason and I’m not sure why? Oh yeah, probably because I ignored it for like 3 months. I’m sorry blog, please forgive me. 

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