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{November 28, 2007}   THE HORROR!


So on my decorating binge I also decided to put up my Christmas Lights. As I was pulling some out, something flew past my head. What is that? Was some snowman trying to make a run for it?

I turn around and it was a horrible mouse corpse. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH.  It looked like it had become some kind of mouse mummy. I had to throw out all the lights it was on becuase of the smell. And there was this weird blobby/dusty object on a bag. Like it gave birth to a huge dusty fur ball.

Luckily none of my good decorations were in there. and of course I spent the rest of the day I spent dry heaving. That’s what you get for trying to touch my lights you furry little bastard. I should have made a tiny little chalk outline of his body as a lesson to all his bastard mouse friends.


{November 28, 2007}   Uggh


Here is my bathroom I repainted and my cabinets. Also a picture of my bedroom with new bedroom furniture. Sorry about my crappy phone camera. You can’t really see my fancy cabinets. It involved lots of sanding, staining, more sanding.

Long time, no bloggy. I was all busy with holidays and blah, blah, blah. I have been bitten by the diy bug. So far I’ve repainted my stairs, bathroom, bedroom, sons room

I also painted and antiqued my bathroom cabinets and a bookshelf. I blame, HGTV, for all of this. I watch those shows and then belive I too can do that.

I usually do pretty good but have had some tragedy’s. I’v lost a good dresser, several shelves, many unfinished wood items. I blame crackle paint for many of those. DAMN YOU CRACKLE PAINT.

I have relatives coming so I feel I should probably make the casa look halfway decent. I took some pics but my new phone takes crappy pictures. I’m sooooooooooooo going to have to get a new phone.

I’ve resisted the lure of the iphone but with the upcoming present givings I think I may succomb to the dastardly phone. I’m sure I will be hooked becuase that’s just the kind of consumer I am.

{November 2, 2007}   Friday, already?


Man, this week went by quickly. I was not all that excited with my, Blackberry. It was nice but it was too much phone for me. I just wanted something cute I can talk on and text. Also the occasional pic.

I traded in the crackberry for a, Samsun sync. I like it and love that it can also take video clips. The pitures are not as good at the, Blackberry Pearl. I even took one to prove it.

Pictures turn out pretty blurry. I do miss he keyboard of the, Pearl. It’s pretty nice and I got it in a cute red color. It’s what sealed the deal. I almost got a, razor. But then I thought, everyone has one of those.

The more I write about it the more I’m feeling, meh. We are getting another line and the family plan so there is a chance to get something even cooler. I’ll pass this one on to the fruit of the loins. That’s the greatness of being the mom.

I hope everyone is going to have some fun times this weekend. Have fun and don’t anybody wet their pants from too much fun.

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