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{September 30, 2007}   A mind is a terrible thing to waste

poison1.jpgI was out last night with the girls. Eating out at some restraunt patio in Dallas. How very, Sex and the City, of us. The conversation veered here and there. At some point it found it’s way to two old movies, Can’t Buy Me Love and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Classics and I still watch them anytime they come on.

The two things they have in common is both female lead caracters have long curly blonde hair. It took me back to the mid 80’s when I too wanted long blonde curly hair. But being dark skinned it was not a good look. I did manage to get the hair.

Wash, gel, dry, scrunch, dry, scrunch, spray. That process did not include the bangs. The bangs were; wash, curl, tease, and, spray. And then for good measure a final spraying all over the head to make sure not even a hurricane could move it.

Back in the day I also smoked morlboro lights. I chose lights to avoid the extra calories of the morlboro reds. Don’t laugh at me, I was way too young to even be smoking, how was I supposed to know that crap? Anytime I wanted to light up I’d have to try and keep the flame as far from my hair as possible.

I wasted at least an hour of my minds time pondering all of this. Good times, good times.


{September 29, 2007}   yoga, pilates, aerobics, and, dance!

straddlesplits2.jpgI’m not sure why I used an exclamation but I did. It’s not just yoga, snore, it’s YOGA!

So, I will be undergoing some surgery soon and I fear it will change my practice and I may never get back to where I am now. It’s been something I’ve done for the last 7 years and I get so much joy from practicing.

I know it is not about feeding my ego but there is something so free’ing about balancing on your head or doing an amazing arm balance. It’s like being free of physics and getting as close to flight as is humanly possible. It’s about forgetting to be a mature adult (if I was one) and just enjoying to pleasure of moving the body.

Like when you were a little kid and would just do a headstand for no other reason than you just felt like it. I also know I will not be able to do any kind of abdominals for 2 months. And it will be like starting over. Things will be different in the area of my nether regions. Will I be able to make it work again?

I will say that it’s making me stop and appreciate how lucky I am to do whatever it is I do. I took my favorite dance class last night and it occured to me that after next week I will not be able to take class for two months or so. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll be fine and back to normal in no time. I hope these are true statements and I will be back to my old self soon.

Ok, not old how about new renovated, self. I’m currently making lists of things I need for recovery and what I can do on my time off. On a purely selfish note I had a thought. I was lucky enough to get my classes covered.

Believe me that this is not an easy thing to do. Two months of classes completely covered. But then I had the thought that maybe my students would like the subs better and wouldn’t be too excited for me to come back. The HORROR!

I hope in the future I can figure out how to load video clips so I can put up some things I’m working on for classes. We’ll see. I am not what you call, savvy, in the techno area.

So that’s that. This blogging thing is kind of addicting. Hooolllaa

{September 29, 2007}   Shootin the shit

george.jpgI’m sitting watching yet another tv show premiere. Las Vegas, nothing else is on. I overall am a little dissapointed in the premiere’s thus far. I know I shouldn’t expect much since they are setting up the upcoming storylines.

I wasn’t to excited how the cliffhangers were solved. Hero’s is going to have to give me a better explanation on how my boyfriend and his brother didn’t incinerate after exploding. I know he’s got regenerating powers and all that jazz (fosse fingers), but what the hell happened?

I’m going to give it a few weeks and see what’s up. Over on Grey’s, snoooooooooooooooooooooooring. I’m done, Grey’s is dead to me now. That’s fine, it just means more time for the Office and extra space on my dvr recorder.

Ugly Betty, I liked it but wasn’t wow’ed. I’m sure they are sad and can’t sleep over this. I found Hilda’s scenes sad and I am not ashamed to say I almost shed a tear or two. Don’t judge me. I didn’t actually cry. I’m going to hang in there and see how the season unfolds

I loved that Amanda’s ass got chunky. She’s got what Britney Spears has..She still looks in the mirror and still see’s, skinny. I wonder how long she’ll keep the fat suit on?

I soooooooooooooo loved CSI, Miami and I’m a sucker for all the CSI’s. I just love Miami the most becuase I can’t stop doing my David Caruso imitation. How fun is that? You know you do it too.

I thought the CSI, NY was ok. I’m not sure I’ll watch that one too much and I’m so mad at myself for missing the original CSI. DANG IT, what happened?

I have this problem that I mean to set my dvr to record and then forget to do it and end up watching it on my laptop. It’s just not as awesome on the small screen.

AMNTM. FIERCE! I know a lot of people hate this show but I for one, LOOOVE IT. Most notebly for, noted fashion photoger, Nigel Barker. And what was with Miss J’s hair? Come on sexy, I expect better from you.

And when did Old Navy become high fashion? That must mean my close are coture, bitches. Anyways that’s about all I had a chance to watch this week. I’m going to try and hang with, Desperate Houswives for a bit longer. I’m almost out of there after last season. This is also the last chance for Lost to prove itself to me. Don’t make me hate you, Lost.

{September 28, 2007}   Hello world!

MeWow! First blog ever. I thought I’d try this whole blogging thing. I was feeling way too old over on, My Space. Right off the bat you should know that I love comma’s. I’m not the best at puncuation, grammar, spelling, all that stuff most people like to poke fun at. I also hate backspacing so I just move on.

I’m al about living in the future people. I’m only doing this becuase I find myself in a crazy predicament and one of those many forks in the road. I’ve been doing the whole  mom thing and chugging along when out of nowhere my body decided to crap out on me.

 I will be having a hysterectomy in a little less than 2 short weeks. I’m anxious and terrified. But I’m also unhappy and know I do not want to keep on this path hoping things will get better when I know they will not.

 Well, not on their own anyways. Plus there’s this whole thing of pondering life and all the randomness. You know, blah, blah, blah. Perhaps writing it out will make things more clear. If not, at least someone can enjoy mocking my bad puncuation.

et cetera